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MARY CHANG (Director) is an interdisciplinary artist combining painting and drawing with theater and movement, emphasizing color, texture, emotion and motion. Her theater experience includes La Mama Experimental Theater Tour/Italy and Werktheater of Basel, Switzerland. She is co-writer of In-Ter-View (New York and Switzerland) and co-writer of Immigration Office (Immigrant Theater Project). Her film experience includes Manhattan By Numbers, shown at the New Directors Film Festival (MoMA/Lincoln Center) and the 2018 film Shen Tak, collaborating with the filmmaker Rane Parish. Chang’s artwork has been exhibited in galleries and cultural centers in New York and the Tri-state area, Brazil and the Netherlands. 


PAUL GENEGA (Writer) has published six full-length collections of poetry, most recently Sculling on the Lethe (Salmon Poetry, 2018). His awards include a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts; the “Discovery” Prize from The Nation; and the Lucille Medwick Award (New York Quarterly). Past collaborations include the robotic theater piece The Self-Made Man and the Moon (Ulanta Theater, USC); Perhaps, a portfolio of poems with etchings by visual artist Aaron Fink, in the permanent collections of the National Gallery and the Harvard Museums, among others; and the short animation Pharaoh, shown at the Animex Festival, Tel Aviv in 2018. This is his first collaboration on a full-length multimedia project.


PATRICIA LEE STOTTER (Composer, Filmmaker, Writer) is a two time Emmy Award winner, composing for film, theater and television. From Sesame Street to HBO/PBS documentary films from independent features to plays and musicals, Stotter is all about being the right voice at the right time. Her documentary film Service: When Women Come Marching Home was screened on the Hill, June 19, 2012. Since then, four other films she scored/worked on have been screened in DC. In addition to the Emmys (two wins, five nominations), her awards include American Cine Eagle, Apple Award, Shining Service World Wide Award and the Silver Star Award from the Volunteers for America.


ELISE TAK (Imagery, Editing) is a visual artist who uses the imagery of film and popular culture to create a rich fictional and visionary world while discussing sociopolitical issues. Her ever-growing body of work features the lives and careers of ten fictional movie actors in an intricate play between reality and fiction, life and art. She works in both traditional and digital media using 3D software and various image editors. Her work has been shown in galleries, museums and art institutes all over the world. She collaborated with Patricia Lee Stotter on the animated short Suicide Notes (2006) and the play Flashback (2007).

TANYA GUPTA (Videographer, Web Designer) is an artist, designer and filmmaker who combines her interests in visual and tactile mediums with her desire for social change. She is co-founder of The Enlivened Collective where she creates films, experiences, brands, designs, and illustrations. She is also co-founder of here there and EVERYwhere, Inc. (htE), a nonprofit organization providing creative expression and vocational training workshops to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.


LIESBETH NIEUWENWEG (Graphic Design) is a writer and graphic designer based in Amsterdam. She has a masters’ degree in English literature and started her writing career as a film critic. For more than a decade she wrote the program guides for music and literature festivals like the North Sea Jazz Festival and Crossing Border Festival and also contributed to publications of the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Since 2000 she works for contemporary art center Stroom Den Haag in The Hague, as a writer and webmaster. In addition she is the graphic designer of all the fictional film posters created by the artist Elise Tak, for whom she also designed a number of publications.


JOZIAS HENDERIKSE (Sound Design Engineer) is an emerging composer, producer, engineer, sound designer and music technology expert. In 1998 he co-produced with Roger Rubeo a house music cd House Grooves for MusicFlex, Inc. He earned a BA in Audio Engineering in 2005 from City College of New York and a BS in Music Production in 2014 from Full Sail University. In 2018 he composed for Alles en Niets Jan Henderikse, a short artistic film by Sherman de Jesus. @J_Henderikse


MARK PINTO (Filmmaker) is an artist, a retired Marine helicopter pilot, a Gulf War veteran and a former Buddhist priest who creates work that serves to inform society of the many extended costs of war. In 2014 he received his MFA in Photography at San Jose State University. His first exhibition was a digital photo project called Joes Come Home, utilizing GI Joe dolls in scenarios meant to bring the harrowing statistics of veteran reintegration to light. This led him to create other war related projects.


DON REBIC (Composer) is a New York-City based musical director, conductor, composer, and pianist whose distinguished four-decade career has spanned the worlds of Broadway, jazz, cabaret, and classical music. Whether accompanying world-renowned vocalists (Karen Akers and Leslie Uggams, among many, many others), conducting Broadway and symphony orchestras, or performing his own jazz compositions, Rebic is known for his versatility and award winning musicianship. 


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