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Patricia Lee Stotter and Paul Genega started working on Paging Doctor Faustus a decade ago when St. Vincent’s Hospital in Greenwich Village, NYC was teetering on bankruptcy. In the face of this assault on the Health Care System and appalled by the greed of developers who envisioned luxury condominiums at a site where the working poor had been treated for over 150 years, Stotter and Genega focused on revisiting the Faust legend.

In the meantime, Patricia Lee Stotter became actively involved with the veteran community, especially women vets, through her Emmy Award documentary Service: When Women Come Marching Home. The focus switched from the health care system in general to the VA, focusing on the horrors, the aftermath as well as the invisible and visible injuries of war.

At the heart of the project, however, has always been a hospital CEO named Faustus who sells his soul and his integrity to Big Pharma, supposedly for the good of the beleaguered institution he heads.

The project has had many, many iterations. It started as a play with music that is now evolving into a multimedia installation composed of art, film and live performance. A phase two staged performance took place in New York Spring 2019, at Five Myles Gallery.

Paging Doctor Faustus is a fragmented, surreal phantasmagoria about war, returning soldiers and the care or – tragically - lack of care they receive returning home.

This project is currently a work-in-progress with an anticipated launch for 2022.

Please feel free to review the content below to get a glimpse into Paging Dr. Faustus.

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